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About Us

Welcome to The Running Channel

Our mission is to bring great content to those who love to run, no matter your ability or experience. One thing brings us together and that is the passion for the joy of running. Check out our YouTube channel for how-tos, features, top tips and more about running.

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About The Team

Anna, Content Lead

I love running. When I’m not running I talk about running. When I’m not talking about running I’m thinking about running.

I haven’t been a runner all my life. Running a marathon was a life goal of mine and I put my mind to it, started from nothing and did it. And then did it again. And again, And again.

I love a challenge, which is why I’ve now done several marathons and pushed it further to try out an ultra marathon.

I love learning about running, making mistakes and getting better at it. Running with other people makes me happy. It’s so great meeting up with a bunch of like-minded people and making friends through our mutual hobby.

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite distance – I have a love / hate relationship with marathons and I absolutely adore running fast on the track. I do love a good half marathon though – running anywhere in double figures feels like I’m invincible!

Rick, Presenter

I’ve been running as long as I can remember going to school, I ran national championships from age 9 and went on to be my school captain. I’ve always done endurance challenged from cycling the west coast of the US to running the London Marathon while making a BBC documentary, but I’m not exactly a running adonis, I like a glass or wine or two and a curry so also use running to add to the balance to keep healthy.

I love running because of the way I feel after – yeah it’s lovely on a clear blue morning – but the endorphins and buzz it gives me for the rest of the day are awesome plus it takes away some guilt.

My favourite distance to run is 5K, because it’s a great distance to compete with yourself in, and is achievable weekly. I am always pushing for a park run PB and racing my wife every Saturday for a better time.

Kate, Presenter

I’m not a lifelong runner, and have no memory of doing it at all as a kid. In fact I only started running about six years ago, when with a baby and a toddler at home, I wanted to get fit, and get some time to myself. I did Couch to 5k – I couldn’t run to the corner of the street to start with. Soon, though, I was running 10ks and half marathons and before long, the full 26.2.

I found running at the right time for me, and soon became committed. Well, I say committed, my mum says “obsessed”. When I’m not running, I’m probably writing about running. Or cake, which seems to feature quite a lot in my writing and in real life.

Marathons are the most satisfying distance to race if you get it right, but for a pure race experience, you can’t beat a 10 miler. Long enough to be truly testing, not long enough to destroy you if you get it wrong.

Andy, Co-Founder and CEO

Andy BaddeleyI’m Andy, co-founder and CEO of The Running Channel. My background is as a two-time Olympian, parkrun WR holder and Cambridge University graduate. After a career as a professional runner, I’m passionate about getting more people, from all backgrounds and abilities, into the activity I love.

Adam, Co-Founder

I’m Adam, co-founder of The Running Channel. Unlike Andy, I’m not from a professional sporting background but I’ve spent a decade trying to get more people active through setting up Fusion Media, a full-service communications agency for active brands, specialising in cycling and running.

I’ve run a half marathon and occasionally go for spontaneous long runs, but really I love parkrun on a Saturday morning.