About me

Hi, I’m Evie and I am the Assistant Creative Producer here at The Running Channel. I have worked in television for the past 5 years on a variety of programmes from following birth on One Born Every Minute through to fun entertainment shows like Robot Wars. I am across all things creative here at the channel.

I started running at university, when my housemate roped me into training for a half marathon. I never thought of myself as a runner and was shocked to even make it round a 5k! Since then, I have attended a variety of parkruns, run using different apps (have you ever tried Zombies, Run!), ran my first marathon and signed up for a number of races. 

Although running has been part of my life since uni, I haven’t always run consistently and for a while I fell out of the habit. Until 2020… During the pandemic, I took the opportunity to lace up my trainers and get running again. It helped me to get out in my local area, gave me a bit of a routine and ultimately kept me sane during a difficult time. Running is something I have always been able to come back to and I am excited to see where it will take me next!