About me

I love running. When I’m not running I talk about running. When I’m not talking about running I’m thinking about running.

I haven’t been a runner all my life. Running a marathon was a life goal of mine and I put my mind to it, started from nothing and did it. And then did it again. And again, And again.

I love a challenge, which is why I’ve now done several marathons and pushed it further to try out an ultra marathon.

I love learning about running, making mistakes and getting better at it. Running with other people makes me happy. It’s so great meeting up with a bunch of like-minded people and making friends through our mutual hob

I wouldn’t say I have a favourite distance – I have a love / hate relationship with marathons and I absolutely adore running fast on the track. I do love a good half marathon though – running anywhere in double figures feels like I’m invincible!