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Editorial Policy

Our Commitment To You

We’re a small team of people passionate about running. We want to share that passion with you to help you to get the most out of running, whether that’s through advice, reviews, challenges or from the support of our amazing community of runners. We are dedicated to providing you with accurate and valuable information to enhance your running experience. Our content is thoroughly researched and checked by qualified running coaches to ensure its accuracy and reliability.

Free YouTube Videos

We LOVE making videos about running, and our videos on YouTube (which you can also browse and search on this site) are completely free to watch and always will be. We spend a lot of time on each video, doing our best to make sure they’re accurate and entertaining. We also listen to what you tell us you’d like to see, or questions you’d like to have answered, and set out to make those videos. 

Selected Partners and Video Sponsorship

In order to support the channel and the costs associated with making our videos, we will work with carefully selected partners to create sponsored video content. We will only work with partners whose products we believe in and that we would consider purchasing and using in our own running lives. Whenever our videos are supported by a partner or sponsor, we will make it clear to you by including AD in the thumbnail and displaying “includes Paid Promotion” at the beginning of the video itself. 

We always aim to create videos which are informative or entertaining (or hopefully both!) and in which the partner’s presence is authentic. We retain all control over our scripts and do not provide any partners with the rights to tell us what to say, nor do we give them the approval of the final video, with the exception of checking for technical accuracy.

As an example, we might create a video series about training for a particular event or distance in partnership with a brand. In those videos, we would wear that brand’s products and potentially discuss their functionality where relevant, but the focus of the video would be on the training and preparation. In another example, we might talk about what to look for from certain types of gear or equipment, and use a partner’s product or products to demonstrate the features we are talking about.

In some cases, the partnership may also allow us to provide a special discount or offer directly to you. Where this is the case, it will be made clear in the video description how the offer is redeemed, and if we earn affiliate commissions from the relevant links it will be clearly stated.


We review individual products in our ‘first look’ videos, as well as reviewing a range of products in our ‘round-up’ or ‘best of’ videos. We are never paid to review products, and our relationships with our partners do not govern editorial reviews. The opinions you hear are the opinions of the presenters in the video, influenced only by discussions they may have had with other Running Channel team members to compare notes. The review products themselves are not gifted to the presenters or staff. Review products are usually loaned to The Running Channel Ltd with no guarantee of review.