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Our Team

Our presenters cover a wide range of abilities and backgrounds, with experience at every distance from 1500m right up to ultramarathon and including journalists, Olympians and professional physiotherapists and coaches. Every member of The Running Channel team is passionate about running and they each play a vital part in helping create a welcoming home for runners from all over the world.

Presenter / CEO

I've loved and hated running in equal measure over the last decade, but I love meeting new runners from all over the world, and hopefully helping them in some small way.


I love running. When I’m not running I talk about running. When I’m not talking about running I’m thinking about running. I haven’t been a runner all my life.


I'm a video creative, experienced motion graphics artist and comedy writer!

Presenter/ Community and Insights Lead

Resident Gear and Ultra Geek. If there is a challenge or race that seems too crazy to take on I’m usually on the start line questioning my life choices…

Social Media Executive

Hi I’m Jess, and as a Runner at The Running Channel I spend my time helping out on shoots, implementing creative briefs and coming up with fun new video ideas for the channel.


My name is Mo and I am one of the presenters at The Running Channel (the one with the best hair cut). When I’m not running, I am in the gym or in the barbershop.


I love running. I love singing. I love running and singing. I'm a regular at my local parkrun and the highlight of my running career has been beating Anna in one of our Challenge videos.

Presenter / Production Lead

Running for me has turned from a hobby into a career, and now I can't get enough! I have a very long bucket list of adventures and it keeps growing...


I'm a filmmaker and editor, but I think the word that best defines me is: storyteller. I’ve been working in the industry for years in companies like ESPN, Ironman and UTMB among others, and now at TRC I’m fulfilling a dream: creating running content with the best team in the world.

Video Lead

I am a Filmmaker, Editor and Photographer specialising in outdoor adventure and sports.

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