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Our presenters cover a wide range of abilities and backgrounds, with experience at every distance from 1500m right up to ultramarathon and including journalists, Olympians and professional physiotherapists and coaches.

Head of Content

I love running. When I’m not running I talk about running. When I’m not talking about running I’m thinking about running. I haven’t been a runner all my life.

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I love running. I love singing. I love running and singing. I'm a regular at my local parkrun and the highlight of my running career has been beating Anna in one of our Challenge videos.

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I'm a marathon runner with a personal best of 2:50 and a qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapist that specialises in treating runners of varying abilities.

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I've loved and hated running in equal measure over the last decade, but I love meeting new runners from all over the world, and hopefully helping them in some small way.

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I'm a writer, journalist, presenter, editor and brand consultant passionate about running, with a marathon best of 2:59.

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Our Team

Every member of The Running Channel team is passionate about running and they each play a vital part in helping create a welcoming home for runners from all over the world.

Senior Videographer

I am a Filmmaker, Editor and Photographer living in London with a lust for the unexplored and the extreme, and a newfound love for running!

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I’m a sports fanatic with a background in journalism and TV production, having been working as an assistant producer, cameraman and editor over the past few years.

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Sarah Hartley
Assistant Producer

Hi I’m Sarah - A relatively new runner, I started in 2017 and have not stopped since then! I love a challenge and have a very long running bucket list!

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Evie - Assistant Creative Producer
Assistant Creative Producer

I have been running on and off for nearly a decade and love taking part in runs around the world, the wackier the better. I love using running to explore new places and to meet new people!

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Production Assistant

I’m a London-based photographer, editor, and an all-round techie. I like working with people to make cool stuff.

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