About me

My name is Mo and I am one of the presenters at The Running Channel (the one with the best hair cut). When I’m not running, I am in the gym or in the barbershop.

Being a personal trainer by trade, my fitness background extends only as far back as my university days. Prior to that being active was the last thing I wanted to do. I much preferred gaming. However, after gamifying my fitness I have fallen in love with completing challenges and getting to the next level.

I joined The Running Channel in 2022 as a guest presenter on a one-off shoot and have not looked back since. Being a part of this wonderful team has taken me to new heights both in my own personal development but also 80,000 ft in the air to lands far away.

I love running because of the people. The community is the best thing about runners, and no matter your pace, distance or background you can lace up your shoes (or do it barefoot), put one leg in front of the other and find camaraderie no matter where you are in the world.