About me

My name is Sarah and I am an Assistant Producer at The Running Channel. I am a recent graduate from the University of Birmingham, studying Drama and Theatre Arts at Undergraduate level and then completing a Master’s in Film and Television: Research and Production. I am slowly learning how to be a proper adult and am missing being able to run at any time of the day haha!

I started running at University, after talking to a friend and us both wondering if we could run 5k in one go. It turned out we could (just about), but we then set ourselves the challenge of getting our time down from 40 minutes to 25, which we did! 3 years later and I am obsessed with parkrun (as long as the course is pretty flat), and I have stepped up to a 10k and have completed 2 half marathons. Next on the bucket list is a full marathon or maybe even an ultra! I have also now moved away from the beautifully flat Birmingham canals and am (slowly) adjusting to the terrain and elevation of the trails near me!

Aside from running, my other main hobby at University was A Cappella. I always loved singing growing up and creating music with no instruments was a great pastime whilst studying. Since I’ve now left University, I have no A Cappella group to sing with so if you’re ever in need of a Soprano, let me know! 

I love running because no matter how hard it feels or how long or short the run is, it is guaranteed to put me in a better mood and clear my head. Running has given me the escape I need when life gets hectic and it somehow never gets boring. My happy place is headphones on, laughing along to a podcast whilst pounding the pavements.

Birmingham 10k 2019 – 00:53:48

Great Birmingham Run 2019 – Race got cut short on the day, but pretty happy with completing the 11 miles in 01:37:11

Lockdown virtual Half Marathons – Completed 2 virtual half marathons over the UK lockdown in 2020!