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Miles or Kilometres? | The Running Channel’s Own Rick Kelsey Takes The Hot Seat

BY: Mary Johnson
23 December 2020

This week on Miles or Kilometres we put Rick in the hot seat. It’s no secret that Rick is always on hand to give The Running Channel team a giggle. In this interview he shares his best running memories, his training plans and who’s inspired him the most in 2020. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we have!

Do you measure in miles or kms?

Kilometres it sounds like further. 

Do you listen to music or podcasts when you’re running? If so, what might we find on your playlist?

Rick’s Running Channel Spotify Playlist of course. Full of 80’s bangers, Fleetwood Mac, Springsteen, Boy Meets Girl. I prefer music that pre-dated me to what created me.

Do you measure your runs in time or distance?

That’s an odd one… as at weekends – distance but during the week – time, as I’m a touch more up against the clock trying to make stuff.

Rick and his wife Chantal proudly showing off their 50 milestone parkrun t shirts

Do you prefer tights or shorts? Or shorts over tights for blokes?

Even though I love short shorts, tights are my bag. I flipping love them. Banging bits of kit I wear to Sunday lunch. Sometimes I can’t get them off after a few white burgundy’s.

What are the key recovery techniques you use?

Wine mostly. But physically I do a cross body exercise that involves your legs pointing the opposite way to your arms, which are in a diving position pressed against the floor. FEEL THE PULL, RUNNER.

What are you training for currently?

My sanity. I need to prevent growth, that should stop at 20.

How have you motivated yourself in 2020?

People say all this tosh about I’ve done this and I’ve done that. Sometimes a bigger achievement than learning Grade 8 on the oboe is actually getting yourself, or a baby, or your gran through the day. Having a new baby this year and still just about smiling last thing at night is better than anything else I’ve ever achieved.

Who is inspiring you at the moment?

Her Majesty the Queen. Solid year. And my wife Chantal, who is literally positivity in a ribbon.

What’s your best running memory?

Beating Andy on a race on his stag do. It doesn’t matter about the circumstances. Irrelevant.

What is your favourite Running Channel video?

My favourite TRC video was filming Short Shorts simply because Anna was the director (we never have a director) she simply wanted to make a fool of me in front of as many people eating their lunch, on a London canal, as possible.

Secondly,  the Christmas videos are completely hilarious to make, as I have no clue what’s happening, and the girls know what every funny shaped object is and how to use it. 

If you weren’t able to run anymore, but could participate in any other activity, what would it be and why?

I’d play Rugby Union for England and score the winning try in a six nations match as that’s my favourite sport.

Although I do love cricket and want to join the barmy army when I’m done with work. Just follow the sun, sip Malibu and toast the Running Channel to the soft sound of bat on ball in paradise. Ahhh – I can smell it now. Until then make sure you hit subscribe and tap the bell icon yeah?



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