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The Biggest Scandal in Running?

Boston Marathon Cheat - Rosie Ruiz
BY: James Dunn
16 April 2023

The Boston Marathon is one of the world’s most prestigious and iconic running events. Runners from all over the world train for years to earn their bib in this historic race. However, in 1980, the Boston Marathon made headlines for all the wrong reasons when Rosie Ruiz was found to have cheated her way to the finish line.

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Rosie Ruiz, a relatively unknown runner at the time, had crossed the finish line in just over two and a half hours, an incredible feat for any athlete. However, her victory was short-lived, as suspicions began to mount that she had cheated her way to the finish line.

It was reported that Ruiz had not been seen on the course at any point before the final mile. Witnesses claimed that they had seen her emerge from the crowd near the finish line, appearing fresh and uninjured, despite having supposedly run 26.2 miles.

Further investigations revealed that Ruiz had only run a short distance of the race before taking the subway to the finish line. It was a shocking revelation that tarnished the reputation of the Boston Marathon and left the running community reeling.

The fallout from the scandal was significant, with Ruiz being stripped of her victory and banned from future Boston Marathons. She became a pariah in the running community, and her name became synonymous with cheating and dishonesty.

The incident had far-reaching consequences beyond just the Boston Marathon. It highlighted the need for better race security and monitoring, and it led to increased scrutiny of runners and their times. This continues today with the likes of Marathon Investigates who spends his time looking into cheating in the sport of running, a lot linked with cheating to get into Boston rather than cheating during it…



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