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We Ran A Time Trial In Four Of The Best Supershoes of 2024  

BY: Mark Dredge
10 June 2024

What’s the fastest carbon plate supershoe in 2024? That’s what Andy and Jess wanted to find out, so they took four shoes and ran a flat-out 1km time trial in each one. Which supershoe will be the fastest?

The contenders in the time trial were: the New Balance SC Elite v4, PUMA Fast-R Nitro Elite 2, Asics Metaspeed Sky Paris and Mizuno Rave Rebellion Pro 2. The rules were simple: 1km as fast as possible in each shoe. 

And this isn’t the first time Andy has run a time trial in four supershoes. If you want to see how four of Nike’s top shoes performed, including the Vaporfly 2 and 3 and Alphafly 2 and 3, then check out this video

Which Supershoe is Fastest in 2024?

New Balance SC Elite v4

A total overhaul of the SC Elite v3, which Andy and Jess both wore to run the Valencia Marathon in 2023. The upper of the v4 is wider and roomier than the sock-like fit of the v3, and while Andy’s narrow feet fit better in the v3, Jess’s wider feet prefer the extra room in the v4 (though we’d suggest sizing up half a size in this shoe). 

“These shoes are fast, but they feel really nice at slower paces,” said Jess. “When I got up to pace they felt firm and bouncy and really did propel me forwards,” said Andy. Jess liked the cushion and bounce, and both thought these shoes were better suited to longer runs rather than a 1km effort where the comfort gives extra protection.

And a few of the TRC team reviewed the SC Elite v4 recently if you want to know more.

PUMA Fast-R Nitro Elite 2

“This is such a striking looking shoe, and so different to any other supershoe on the market,” says Jess. It’s decoupled heel shows off the carbon plate which runs all through the shoe and pokes out the front like a fin (a feature which took Jess some getting used to, and didn’t feel like they rolled her off her toes as much as others). Andy felt like the previous version of this was better suited to shorter distances, whereas the R2 feels softer, though it’s heavier than others.

“I love the upper and the fit, and the grip is absolutely unreal,” said Andy. “When I was really flagging, I shortened my stride length a bit, sped up my cadence, and all of a sudden the shoe seemed to really help me pick up the pace,” said Andy, and it took him to a fast finish. 

Asics Metaspeed Sky Paris

The shoes are very light, and “they feel like a much more minimal shoe even though they have a similar stack height” to the others, said Andy, which may feel a little unstable underfoot to some runners, though Jess felt stable and secure, even with the very minimal mesh upper. These shoes helped both get up to their target speed quickly. The wide, deep toebox worked for both Andy (with a little lace cinching to lock them down) and Jess. 

“I think this shoe would be great for a range of distances,” said Jess, with cushioning where needed and support to help the stride. “The comfort and speed would suit a marathon distance but could also help you with shorter races,” though Jess might not wear them for slower, easy running. Andy agreed about how versatile these shoes are, which is one of the biggest benefits of the Metaspeed Sky Paris. “The foam feels like it has the right balance of softness and bounce,” said Andy, and both liked how they could run fast all through the finish. Consider sizing up half a size in these. 

Mizuno Rave Rebellion Pro 2

“These Mizuno’s honestly felt like nothing else I’ve ever run in!” said Jess. They are a unique shoe, which may take some getting used to, but they are fast and give you a boost when going all out. But if you’re a heel striker then these shoes probably won’t work for you given the geometry of the midsole, but if you hit the sweet spot when you land then you can get into a great rhythm with these shoes. Andy raced a 1km time trial in these and he thinks they feel super fast. “When you get into a rhythm, the unique design really generates pace even when you’re tired,” said Andy, almost pushing him to run faster. They are comfortable enough for a marathon distance, as long as your running style suits these shoes. The upper has more support than some of the other shoes tested. “Bouncy, weird, wonderful for really fast stuff, but not sure if I could run quite so far in these,” said Andy. 

Each shoe feels different and would suit different running styles and different distances. As for the fastest? You’ll have to watch the video below to find that out!

What’s your favourite supershoe so far in 2024?



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