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How People Can Track You During Races

30th November 2022

There are lots of different ways for your friends and family to track you during a race, or whilst you’re out on your training runs. This can be used a safety precaution, but also a fun way for your family and friends to cheer you on.  

Apps that we use here in the office are:

Strava Beacon on Strava

Strava Beacon creates a unique weblink that you can send to others to allow them to track you in realtime on their app. Your location should update about every 15 seconds, but this is dependent on your phone signal and data.

Garmin LiveTrack on Garmin 

LiveTrack has similar tracking features to Strava using a unique link for whoever you want to share it with. Livetrack does offer an increased level of information that is shared including; average pace, elevation gain, heart rate and many others. It does require the runner to be wearing a Garmin device that has LiveTrack capabilities.

Share my location on WhatsApp 

A much more basic way to share your location is using the “Share my location’ feature in WhatsApp. It won’t show any information apart from where you are on a map and it can be suffer from slow updates of location depending on your signal and data.

Find My on Apple 

The next two are using your phone’s live tracking capabilities. Similar to WhatsApp they are very limited in their feature set but require no other devices to make them usable.

GPS Phone Tracker on Android 

Race Apps

Heading to a big city race? Some bigger races, like London Marathon, will have their own tracking apps that can be used and will contain varying information depending on the race.

What apps do you use to let your friends and family know where you are when you are out running? Let us know in the comments.