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How To Find A Running Club

1st November 2022

The running community is pretty split when it comes to our favourite hobby, half of us like to run alone, and the other half prefer running in groups. 

If you fall into the latter category, it can be difficult to find friends who want to pound the pavements as much as you do, and this is where organised running clubs come in! But how do you find these groups? 

Well the best place to start looking for running clubs (if you live in the UK) is the England Athletics website. The site gives you details and links to dedicated running and athletics clubs in and around your area. Similarly in America, you have the Road Runners Club of America but for whatever country you are living in just google and there will be a wealth of information on clubs all around your country.

Social Media is also a great way to find local running groups and see what they are like, simply type “Running Clubs in (the name of your home town)” into the facebook search bar and see what results come up. Or head over to local Facebook groups for you area and ask in one of those. Runners are a helpful lot so we are sure you will get lots of replies

We have a very supportive and active community on our Facebook and Strava pages, so feel free to ask on there, as it’s likely someone will know a running club near you!

Finally your local Parkrun is a sure fire way to meet new runners and learn all about the running community in your area, many of those attending and volunteering will either be a part of a club, or know someone who is.  

Are you are part of a running club? Let us know about them in the comments!

Happy Running!