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Miles or Kilometres? | The Running Channel Chats With Author and Ultra Runner, Lizzy Hawker

mary-thumb By: Mary Johnson
18th April 2021

Next in the Miles or KMs hot seat is ultra runner, author and Ultra Tour Monte Rosa race director, Lizzy Hawker!

Do you measure in miles or kms?

Generally kms, unless it’s 100 miles or 1000 miles!

Do you listen to music or podcasts when you’re running? If so, what might we find on your playlist?

No! When I’m outside then I just enjoy being outside and listening to whatever I can hear around me. Then I can enjoy music when I’m back home.

Do you measure your runs in time or distance?

I always like to know the distance out of curiosity, but if I’m in the mountains then time is more useful!

Do you prefer tights or shorts? Or shorts over tights for the blokes?

Skort! Tights in the winter of course.

What are the key recovery techniques you use?

Sleep, gentle movement (ie active recovery).

What are you training for currently? 

I’m not! But I’m about to return to Nepal & hope to have some multi-day trips exploring new routes. Perhaps in the summer I’ll try an FKT on the route of Ultra Tour Monte Rosa again.

How have you motivated yourself this past year with the various lockdowns, etc?

It’s certainly been a challenging time, for each of us in different ways. Just like in an ultra or a long journey it’s really important to stay in the moment, to try to keep some equanimity even while events and restrictions are constantly changing, and to remember the concept of impermanence, nothing lasts, everything passes. Even this time will pass and shift into a new way of being.

Who is inspiring you at the moment?

Anyone who puts on their shoes & puts themselves outside the door for a hike or a run.

What’s your best running memory?

That’s the hardest question! So many good memories…. I guess in the end we are grateful for all our experiences, for what they teach us, for what they give us, and for how they shape the way we move forwards…..

Image: Ian Corless Photography

If you weren’t able to run anymore, but could participate in any other activity. What would it be and why?

I may not always be able to run, but I hope I’ll always keep moving on foot in the mountains! Just to keep moving is so important.

Image: Jan Nyka Photography