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Anna vs Rick | The 1 HOUR Challenge

19th February 2020

How far can you run in 1 hour? We set Running Channel presenters Anna and Rick the challenge to run as far as they can in 60 minutes. The winner is the person who gets as far away from the start point, St Paul’s Cathedral in London, as the crow flies. Who will be victorious? Watch now and find out in Part 1 of the 1 Hour Challenge!

Stay tuned for part 2 when Anna and Rick will be pitted against each other again at the adidas City Run: 1 Hour Run.

**UPDATE 17TH MARCH 2020**
Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are sorry to say that the adidas City Runs: 1 Hour will not be going ahead as planned.

However, we don’t want that to stop you achieving the goal you have been training so hard for. The City Runs series have decided to change the format of adidas City Runs: 1 Hour to a ‘Virtual Challenge’.

If you were already signed up for the race, you will receive an email explaining what comes next. And don’t worry, Rick doesn’t get off the hook that easily and Anna doesn’t automatically win. So stay tuned on The Running Channel to see who vins the VIRTUAL adidas City Runs: 1 Hour.


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