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Cheat Your Way To A Fast 5K | Challenge Accepted! We Let YOU Decide Our Challenge

10th June 2020

The Running Channel team take on a highly requested challenge as Andy, Anna, Rick, and Kate attempt their fastest 5k… with a twist!

Chelsea football club caused a stir in the running community when they announced that their midfielder, Ross Barkley, had run an incredible 16 minute and 11 second 5k. The only problem being that the footballer had recorded an interval session and had an elapsed time of 1 hour and 5 minutes. And so the #RossBarkley5k challenge was born!

The aim of the game is to run the fastest 5k you can, pausing your watch and stopping in between to recover. Running flat-out can be difficult to maintain for the entire 5k distance, but adding in recovery changes the game! Today the team will be running as fast as they can, recovering in between, and repeating until they have run a total of 5km.

Music licensed by Audio Blocks:
Space Odyssey – Simon Jomphe Lepine
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Time Off – Ian Post
Fear No Evil – K Solis
Binary Love – Stanley Gurvich
Vortex – Jonny Poole
The Monkey Funk – Yanivi

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Weak Knight – Devon Churhc


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