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Do Running Shoes NEED Heels? FBR’s Heelless Shoe Review

24th June 2020

Here at The Running Channel we LOVE trying out all of the latest and best running gear for you guys. Putting gadgets to the test, so the running community knows exactly what is worth investing in to help improve your running performance.

Testing and reviewing running gear means trying everything, even the strangest of technology. When we heard about a heelless shoe, we had to give it a go. So, Anna will be putting the FBR heelless running shoe to the test and giving her first impressions of it. We will be discussing the design of the shoe and exploring the benefits of heelless shoe.

Will it prevent injury? It is comfortable to run in? How much does it cost? Anna will give you ins and outs of everything you need to know about this new running shoe, and an honest review of the product.

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