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Embracing RUNNING ON YOUR OWN | Coping With Social Distancing

21st March 2020

Social distancing is advised by public health officials to flatten the curve of spreading infection. As self-isolation becomes a reality for people all over the world, many people are wondering how they can stay fit and exercise whilst remaining safe and mindful to others around them. Although mass participation events may be cancelled, for most people running solo is not.

Running can be a way to boost your mood in these trying times, and escape from the news. We follow The Running Channel’s Andy on a solo run as he shares his tips on making the most of running on your own during the current pandemic, how he is coping with social distancing, and how to maintain fitness when we are taking social responsibility seriously which means spending a lot of time away from others.

Please share your #solorunselfie with us on social media. Take a photo of yourself out on your solo run, upload it to your profile, use the hashtag #solorunselfie and tag The Running Channel in it! We can’t wait to see what you guys have been up to.


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