EP2 The WORLD'S TOUGHEST Island Race | The Longest Day - The Running Channel

EP2 The WORLD’S TOUGHEST Island Race | The Longest Day

28th December 2019

In episode 2 of The World’s TOUGHEST Island Race, Anna takes on the BIGGEST day of running of the whole challenge – 78km in one day, setting off at 4:30am. She’s battling tough terrain, mental battles and injury. Will she make it to the end of Stage 2 of TRIBE’s Run For Love 3? Watch now and find out!

TRIBE’s Run For Love 3, on the tropical island of Sao Miguel in The Azores, is dubbed “the world’s toughest island race”, so naturally The Running Channel sent Anna along to be put through her paces on this epic adventure – the biggest challenge of her running life so far. 260km. 13,000m of elevation (the equivalent of 1.5 x Mount Everest). 6 days to complete it.

Tribe Run For Love 3 is to support the Tribe Freedom Foundation, a charity which aims to improve support for the survivors of modern slavery in the UK. Their goal is to raise £250,000 which will help trafficking charity Ella’s Home, which offers rehabilitative support for women coming out of situations of trafficking and exploitation and Sheffield-based charity Snowdrop Project, which provides long-term follow-on support for survivors. So a huge thank you to TRIBE for having us along on their challenge.

Big thanks also to Orillo Films for kindly providing us with supplementary footage http://www.orillo.com/


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