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Even MORE Ways You Know You’re a Runner | Running Habits We All Have

25th July 2020

Back by popular demand, EVEN MORE ways you know you’re a runner. Us runners do some strange things, have you ever wondered whether it was only you that does these things or if they are completely ‘normal’? Well, you’re about to find out! **Disclaimer** Obviously we’re not saying the only way to BE a runner is to do these things! Everyone who runs is, of course, a runner!

There are so many quirks you might not have known about until you became obsessed with running and now you can’t stop noticing them. It’s ok, you’re not the only one who does these things.

Anna, Kate and Rick are sharing some of the strange things that runners do from planning your year around running races to dedicating a whole drawer of your wardrobe to running gear. We’re sure you do at least one, if not ALL of these things.

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