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Fastest 10K Race, Boys vs Girls | Challenge Accepted! We Let YOU Decide Our Challenge

11th July 2020

Check out the second instalment of our brand new series, ‘Challenge Accepted’, where you, The Running Channel viewers, set the team a running challenge to complete. This time, it’s the boys vs girls 10k relay!

If you haven’t seen episode 1, ‘Cheat Your Way To A Fast 5k’, watch it to find out who’s in the lead out of Anna, Andy, Kate and Rick

Andy and Kate are the designated team captains for their sides and have been prepping their teammates for the race. Get ready for another EPIC virtual race from The Running Channel team, pushing themselves to their limits in the name of bragging rights!

Music Licensed by Artlist:

Wings – Tristan Barton
In Motion – Stefano Mastronardi
New Land – IanPost
Spiky Chin – Peter Spacey
Noise – Anton Vlasov


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