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Has Lockdown Made The World More Active? | Global Garmin & ASICS Figures Revealed

17th June 2020

We are all creatures of habit and naturally look to make sense of the world. When our routines were shaken up due to COVID-19 and lockdown, new patterns and habits began to form. We have lots of questions about how coronavirus will impact the world in the long run, and it will take some time to see these changes. What we are able to study at the moment, is how our running and exercise behaviours changed during the springtime of 2020, when a large portion of the world were under lockdown.

Specifically, Anna is taking a look at the activity levels from different countries and exploring some interesting statistics about how our exercise routines changed during this time of quarantine, social distancing and staying indoors. We will be taking you through some figures that our friends at Garmin and RunKeeper by ASICS have shared with us to tell you a little bit more about just how many people were running during lockdown.

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