How Pro Runners Conquer SELF DOUBT (And How YOU Can Too) - The Running Channel

How Pro Runners Conquer SELF DOUBT (And How YOU Can Too)

20th May 2020

On The Running Channel, we often explore the physical benefits that running can have on your body and fitness. However, your general wellbeing goes much further than just its physical attributes. As it is Mental Health Awareness Week we would like to discuss the impact running can have on your mental health and explore ways to overcome moments of self-doubt.

As runners, we are often faced with moments of self doubt and question our abilities and performance. There is lots of stigma attached to mental illness through fear of feeling weak. Anna and Andy share their own experiences about how running has impacted their mental health, and ways to overcome negative thoughts. Speaking to some incredible athletes and friends of The Running Channel, we share some advice about how to cope with self-doubt, and understand that we are all human and face similar challenges daily, despite our abilities.

We aim to create a safe space where we can have an honest and open discussion about the struggles we all face, and different ways to cope with them. Whether its nerves, doubt, anxiety, or depression, we can all share our stories and help others that are feeling the same.

If you or somebody you know are struggling with mental health issues please visit these websites for more support:


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