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How To Run A Fast 10k | You NEED To Do These 3 Workouts

22nd July 2020

Far enough to challenge your endurance but short enough to test your speed, the 10k distance is the perfect benchmark for regular runners. Whether you are just stepping up to this distance for the first time, or you are aiming to beat your personal best, these workouts will help you achieve your 10k running goals.

Anna and Andy are taking you through some key workouts that will help you reach your 10k target time. The interval-based exercises are to be completed alongside a weekly long run, with the aim of reducing your 10k time and increasing your running endurance.

These workout sessions can be adapted to any target you have, suitable for runners of all abilities. If you are a beginner or just attempting the 10k distance these workouts will help but please check out our tips on how to run your first 10K:

0:00 What Is A Fast 10K?
2:41 Workout 1 Structured Fartlek
4:07 Workout 2 Threshold & Hills
5:51 Workout 3 Mile Repeats

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Spiky Chin – Peter Spacey


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