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How To Run A SUB 20 MINUTE 5K

15th February 2020

Regardless of your regular race distance, 5k is a challenge familiar to beginner and experienced runners alike. From road to track or trail, parkrun, to sprint distance triathlons, if you’re taking on a 5k, you’ll likely have a target time in mind. A big milestone for many is an attempt at breaking 20 minutes, and in this video we look at how best to go about it, from the types of training sessions to do, the structure of your training week, and how to tackle the attempt itself.

Pace Breakdown ↓↓

For session 1: for the 3 minute efforts, these should be at target 5k pace, so 4:00/km. The 2 & 1 min efforts should be slightly quicker (eg 3:45/km for the 1 min).

For sessions 2&4: 90s refers to the 400m time – ie run 400m reps in 90s (which is 3:45/km pace)

00:00 – How To Run A Sub 20 Minute 5K
3:14 Types Of Training
4:02 Interval Sessions
4:47 Threshold & Tempo Runs
5:35 Long Runs
6:02 Easy & Steady Runs


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