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How To Stay Fit And Motivated When You’re On Your Own | Our Tips And Tricks for Runners

1st April 2020

Many countries around the world are in lockdown, large gatherings are cancelled and people are only allowed to leave their homes for essential trips or 1 form of exercise every day (in the UK at the time of publish). For runners, this means we must run alone or with household members only (depending on which country you live in) This doesn’t mean total isolation from the running community though!

The Running Channel team are all separated and working from home right now, but we are still a community! Anna, Andy, Rick and Kate are here to share their top tips of how to stay connected and feel part of the running community during these unprecedented times of isolation. Whether you miss your running club, running buddy, or are unable to get out and run during these difficult times. The Running Channel is here to help you feel connected and share what they’ve been up to and their best tips and tricks for finding that sense of community even when you’re far apart!

If you’re stuck for ideas or want to share your own experiences during these trying times, be part of the conversation in the comments below!

Links to the clubs we mentioned:
We Are Daybreak –
Lonely Goat –
November Project –
Find A Race Plan B Virtual Run –


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