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NEW! Anna vs Rick | The 1 Hour Challenge DECIDER

16th May 2020

Anna and Rick are back for PART 3 of the 1 Hour Run challenge… The DECIDER! With the current score at 1-1, they are both determined to be crowned the champion of the series.

Thank you for all of your comments backing either #TeamAnna or #TeamRick. BUT we also heard all of you who were asking for ROUND 3 and your challenge suggestions. So we’ve pitted Anna and Rick against each other in the ultimate decider to determine the true champion of the series! Previously, we asked them both to run as far as they can in 1 hour, to see who could go the distance. But, today there will be a twist, to decide who is the true winner! Putting their PACE to the test, Anna and Rick will go head to head to decide who will be crowned the winner.

To watch parts 1 and 2 of our Anna Vs Rick challenge series, click here:


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