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NEW! MUST SEE Running FILMS Part 2 | BingeWorthy Documentaries

6th June 2020

If running is where your passion and interests lie, you will never be short of inspiring films and documentaries to watch. There are so many incredible athletes with stories to share that will amaze, motivate and inspire runners of all abilities.

Whether you are looking for some running motivation or to expand your knowledge of some of the hardest and most challenging races out there, we have something for everyone in this roundup of our favourite running films.

After reading all of your recommendations in the comments of our last Top 10 Running Films roundup, we put together a brand new list of film recommendations for you guys. We have the best running films to binge watch right here on YouTube and other streaming services.

Check out PART 1 for even more recommendations:

Where Dreams Go to Die – The Ginger Runner

Mira Rai: the Girl Who Runs on Happiness

Hood To Trail

The Pirate – The Raidlight Arc of Attrition 2020

I Run On

The Runner – David Hortons

REI Presents: How to Run a 100 Miles

Run for Your Life

Heavy As Lead

Brittany Runs a Marathon – Available on Amazon Prime

A Mile An Hour – Beau Miles

Solstice (also available on Amazon Prime)

Music licensed by Artlist:

Autumn-Wind – Yehezkel Raz
Where Were You – Evolv
Eternity – Borrtex


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