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Products You Never Knew You Needed As A Runner

9th September 2020

There are things as runners that we know we need: clothes, a good pair of trainers, perhaps something to record the run on and some water on a hot day. But as well as this, there is an endless list out there of products made for runners and perhaps there’s something that could completely change your life, you just never knew you needed it!

In this video Anna will be taking a look at a collection of products and gadgets that can be used by runners. She will be putting them to the test to see if they could transform the way you go about running.

0:00 Intro
0:32 FreeTrain Vest
2:55 Neck Fan
4:14 BottleBand
5:18 Wing Mirror Sunglasses
7:21 Knuckle Lights
8:48 Running Bell
10:26 Shwings
11:43 Boot Buddy
14:12 Running Towel Wrap

All products are loaned to The Running Channel, not individual presenters. They are on long term loan and not gifted. None of the companies featured have paid us to be included in this video. All views expressed are the presenter’s own.

Music Licensed by Artlist:
Cherry Blossom – Ottom


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