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The Running Channel Does Taskmaster

1st May 2021

Captain Sir Tom Moore was a huge inspiration for us at the Running Channel during the pandemic. So we are joining with many others to take part in the Captain Tom 100 and we are inviting you to get involved too!

The Captain Tom 100 is a fundraising event to celebrate and remember the huge fundraising effort of Captain Tom during 2020 when he raised £38.9 million for NHS heroes by walking 100 laps around his garden. You can do anything to take part as long as it involves 100. So it could be a 100m sprint, a 100 mile trail or 100 minutes of running.

Here at The Running Channel, we are hosting The Running Channel takes on Taskmaster, Captain Tom-style, with a number of 100 themed challenges.

And we’ve chosen to support Children With Cancer UK, to raise vital funds for an amazing charity. Stay tuned to see how Anna, Andy, Kate, Sarah and Manni get on!


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