Running Up The WORLD'S STEEPEST STREET - The Running Channel


9th October 2019

Harlech, a sleepy town set in the hills of North Wales, is home to officially the STEEPEST street in the world! So of course The Running Channel had to go and see Ffordd Penn Lech for themselves – and attempt to run up it!

A big thank you to the Harlech Triathlon Club and members from Rhedwyr Hebog club for joining us and showing us around your local area!

Strava Segment

The steepest street record is measured based on the steepest (highest gradient) section over a 10 m distance. If the average steepness is taken, you could have a road where one section is extremely steep and the rest is flat, which is not a fair assessment. The gradient is measured by taking the 10 m stretch road and dividing it by how much it rises/falls over the 10 m distance. (Source: Guinness World Records)


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