Shin Splints, IT Band, Runner's Knee | Running Rehab Q&A with James Dunne - The Running Channel

Shin Splints, IT Band, Runner’s Knee | Running Rehab Q&A with James Dunne

13th April 2019

We often get asked questions about what runners should do about various problems and injuries they’ve picked up along their running journey, so we thought we’d gather them all together and put them to sports rehabilitation therapist James Dunne, aka Kinetic Revolution.

Here’s what we talked about:
1:20 – What is running rehab?
3:57 – What should runners be doing to prevent injuries?
6:58 – How can I fix an IT Band issue?
12:43 – Strength training tips for runners
15:45 – What can I do about shin splints?

This is part one of our chat and you can catch the rest of it over on James’ channel


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