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Ultimate ELEVATION Running Challenge | Challenge Accepted!

26th September 2020

Check out the fourth and final instalment of series 1 of ‘Challenge Accepted’, where you, The Running Channel viewers, get to set the team a running challenge to complete. This time, it’s the Elevation Challenge!

If you haven’t seen the previous episodes in the series, ‘Cheat Your Way To A Fast 5k’, ‘Girls vs Boy 10km Relay’ and ‘Strava Art Challenge’ you can catch up with who’s in the lead over in the first three instalments.

Each presenter has the amount of time it took them to run 10km in Episode 2 to clock the biggest elevation GAIN. Get ready for another EPIC virtual race from The Running Channel team of Anna, Andy, Kate and Rick, pushing themselves to their limits in the name of bragging rights! Who will come out on top?


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