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THE BEST Recovery Products For RUNNERS | Tried & Tested

16th September 2020

It might be something that is usually at the bottom of the list in terms of priorities, but recovery is one of the most valuable things to focus on when training. It can help you to consistently perform better in training and can also help to prevent injury. So when it comes to recovery, what different products are out there to help?

In this video, Anna will be taking a look at recovery products for runners, talking through how to use each product and the benefits of each of them for running recovery.

0:00 Intro
0:43 2XU Compression Tights
2:56 Pulse Roll vibrating foam roller
5:04 Rock Tape Balls
6:12 Westlab Epsom Salts
7:19 Mavala Revitalising Emulsion
8:12 Activ7 Recovery Oil
9:25 Hoka Ora Recovery Slide 2
10:26 Theragun Pro by Therabody
13:42 Top secret recovery tip
14:30 Lumie Bodyclock Luxe


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