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What To Know About Running And YOUR HEART

29th January 2020

Your heart is a muscular organ and like all muscles, it adapts to the stress of exercise. So what should you know about running and your heart? We aim to answer that question in this video as Anna looks at how running can help your heart and how you can look after your heart to make sure that running doesn’t cause your heart any issues – including visiting the charity Cardiac Risk In The Young to have her heart checked out with an ECG.

Find out more about Cardiac Risk In The Young here https://www.c-r-y.org.uk/

Information From Studies:
[00:56] Aaron Braggish, MD, conducted this study, as presented in the New England Journal of Medicine, looking at cardiac arrest in marathons and half marathons.

His study reported 59 cases of cardiac arrest in the 10.9 million marathon and half-marathon runners over a 10-yr. period. According to Braggish, exercise may indeed lead to increased likelihood of a cardiac incident if a pre-existing condition is present.

However, he points out that distance running still trumps a sedentary lifestyle when it comes to heart health. Braggish, it should be pointed out, is a marathoner himself and trains up to six days per week.

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