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You NEED to do this before EVERY RUN | Activation Exercises for Runners

18th April 2020

Did you know you can actually take your running up a notch by improving the quality of your warm up? Anna and Andy are here to show you how with these activation exercises.

If you have a foam roller, tennis or lacrosse ball and a resistance band you can use them for these exercises, but not necessary for the moves! Be sure to stick around to the end for our follow-along and make sure you save this link and come back to it before you run.

Foam roller – quad, ITB, calf
Ball – piriformis, TFL (glutes/hips)

Hip flexor
Lower back
Side bend

Band walks (crab walks) – can do this movement without band too
Triple extension
A Skips
Hamstring Sweeps
Walking Lunges

If you are in any doubt about any exercises or have any pre-existing conditions, pain or injuries, do not attempt them without consulting a medical professional first.


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