Motivation And Mindset For Runners - Charlie Unwin - The Running Channel

Motivation And Mindset For Runners – Charlie Unwin

28th August 2021

The Running Channel were thrilled to host a series of Expert Q&A’s recently at the On London Lab in Shoreditch. ⁠

Presenters Anna and Rick welcomed leading experts to discuss all things running and in this session Rick talks with performance psychologist, Charlie Unwin.

As a member of the Modern Pentathlon team, Charlie competed for Great Britain in 2005 and was GB National Champion in 2007. During this time he discovered a passion for psychology.⁠ ⁠ Since then he has gone on to help a wide range of athletes including Olympic Champions, Premier League footballers and Premiership rugby players.

In this video how Charlie uses mental-skills training to help athletes reach their full potential.⁠


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